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This was my first hunt with RMR and one that I will not forget. As soon as I stepped out of the truck 2 hours before daylight, I heard a bull bugling. A friend and I closed the distance and just missed getting on him after daylight. After hearing bugling later in the morning and crossing a deep ravine, I had a 4x4 less than 100 yards but could not get a clean shot. The following day a front blew through alternating between rain, sleet and snow. I saw 19 different elk but no bulls in range. On the third day, I called up a cow and shot my first elk. It was a memorable experience. One of my buddies called up a 4x4 to 45 yards on the last day and harvested his first elk. All of us heard bugling every day and all could have harvested bulls if the wind and cover had been in our favor and not the elks'!


After going on several unsuccessful public land trips to New Mexico, I figured that I would try a private land hunt. It was a good decision. Joe is a true professional and responded to all my inquiries promptly and accurately. He told us exactly what to expect and did not give me any false expectations. He assisted us with obtaining tags, provided us maps and gave us a tour of the property before the hunt to get oriented. I would advise hunters to bring a gps unit, good pack, tarp, game bags, large coolers and broke in boots. My final advise would be to get in shape.


If you are looking for a private land, unguided hunt then I would definitely book a hunt with Joe. The ranch we hunted had a good population of elk. All three of us had opportunities to harvest elk and two out of three harvested our first elk. I will definitely book another hunt with Joe in the future.

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