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This was my 2nd archery elk hunt w RMR. The 1st was the only one of about 15 hunts with them that I did'nt tag out on but that wasn't from lack of animals or shot opportunities, more like lack of experience. This one however was a diff. story. Parked the truck 1st morning, walked 200yds and a good bull sounded off just over a soft grassy ridge I was on. Got busted in the wide open trying to close in on him. Damn! Nice 5x5 too. Sit down, try to stop shaking band 15 minutes later a huge 6x6 comes over a ridge 200 yds out pushing 15 cows headed for a deep nasty draw to bed for the day. Could'nt get in front of em fast enough and did'nt want to go into their bedding area. Tried to close the deal on that bull for the next 3 days (had plenty of others bugling but I had my sights on him!)4th morning I had him screaming in a different draw. I'm cow calling, he's coming but then hangs up about 80 yds out getting pissed this cow won't come down. I look to my right and there's this 5x5 that snuck into my calls 15yds away. Scared the crap outta each other. I drew as he started bailing downhill past me and then stops 30yds downhill to look back at whatever spooked him. Big mistake. Was able to thread the arrow thru a dinner plate hole in the aspens and he only went about 80 yds before I heard the crash and death rattle. Granted he's a small 5x and not the toad I was after but u know what they say "any elk w a bow is a trophy" The hunt was a blast, can't thank Joe enough.


RMR has great properties w good critter populations but these aren't "gimme" hunts, you still have to hunt for them. Best advice I can give is listen to Joe and do what he tells ya. He spends a lot of time on the ranches both in the off season and during season just watching patterns and habits. Especially on elk u need to be willing to go in before 1st light and come out in the dark. Do that, hunt smart and you'll have an excellent chance of taking an elk home.


I live in CO and hunt plenty of public land but every couple years the piggy bank gets full enough to book a hunt w RMR and will continue to do so.

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