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Hi Joe, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how the guys felt after last weeks hunt on one of your private properties. We had gotten out to Colorado a few days early and decided to hunt some of the public ground within reasonable driving distance from Oak Creek, what we found on the public ground was lots of hunters and silent bulls. In 3 days of hunting we hadn't heard a single bugle, besides those from other hunters, who seemed to be everywhere! No matter how far back or how high there was someone hunting at every turn. What a nice change to hunt private land! We were the only ones there and the bulls were bugling! We had 5 days of great elk hunting! What a change after 3 days of nothing but frustration. As you know we have already booked for next year and everyone is counting the days until we can get back there again. While the private land may cost a bit more everyone in the group shared the opinion that it was money well spent to experience what elk hunting is supposed to be like. We all saw elk everyday as well as heard elk everyday. It was so nice to know that we weren't in competition with others to get to the bull first and even nicer to hear them! Thank you for a great experience, you have done an outstanding job in choosing land to lease no complaints from anybody in our group! See you in 2014! Brett Huster

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