2018 Ranching for Wildlife Rates & Dates

Non-Guided Hunts:

  • Mule Deer in the Rut (Nov 22nd - 26th):  $3000
  • Early Season Antelope (Aug 15th - 19th):  $2700
  • Migratory Bull Elk (Dec 11th - 15th):  $3800

Guided Hunts:

  • Velvet Mule Deer (Aug 29th - Sept 2nd):  $4100
  • Migratory Bull Elk (Dec 5th - 9th): $4900
  • Velvet Deer/Antelope Combo (Aug 29th - Sept 2nd): $5700

About Ranching for Wildlife Properties

Ranching for Wildlife properties are very special hunting properties that offer a variety of unique opportunities. These are private properties that have received the recognition of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has formed a management partnership with landowners to improve public land access and habitat for both game and non-game animals. Through this agreement, Ranching for Wildlife properties offer a very limited number of free hunts to Colorado residents and in return, Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides these ranches with special Ranching for Wildlife tags that can be used during some amazing and unique seasons. Colorado residents looking to draw one of these special hunts usually need to save a tremendous amount of preference points to be successful in the Ranching for Wildlife draw. But, for our non-resident and resident hunting clients, we have tags in hand and there is no need to apply in the draw.  

Our Ranching for Wildlife Hunts

Ranching for WIldlife Elk HuntsRanching for Wildlife Antelope in ColoradoAntelope Hunting - Ranching for Wildlife

Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd. is very excited to offer our clients a very limited number of Ranching for Wildlife hunts each year. These RFW hunts can offer a truly unique hunting experience. Our Ranching for Wildlife property is located in the high desert terrain of Colorado unit 3 in Moffat County. Moffat county is well known for its amazing antelope genetics as well as its great concentration of mule deer. But, did you know this high desert can offer some amazing elk hunting during the late seasons? This particular RFW property is truly a gem of Northwest Colorado’s high desert. This high desert terrain can appear to be a desolate environment at first glance.  Once you get into the property, you will find it is a beautiful ecosystem that is abundant with wildlife. Small draws and creases give way to larger canyons holding beautiful spring fed ponds and water holes. Brushy hillsides and very old sage offers great bedding areas. In addition to our natural water sources, our ranch has a intricate system of solar powered wells that fill underground storage tanks and supply water to additional areas of the ranch.  

Ranching for Wildlife Elk Hunts

This high desert terrain is a major travel corridor for elk migrating down from the majority of Northwest Colorado’s high country. The majority of this migration occurs after the major rifle seasons and that is why most hunters will never get to hunt the peak of this spectacular migration. Because of our special RFW seasons, we get to hunt these migrating elk well after the major rifle seasons and truly optimize your hunting experience. As with all of our hunts, it’s the concentrations of critters that make these hunts so successful.  As indicated by the Colorado Hunting Atlas on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website, our RFW property is located directly in the Elk Winter Migration Corridor, the Elk Winter Concentration Area, and the Elk Winter Range. These are elk that spend most of the year living at high elevations in nearby mountain ranges and often includes big old bulls that live in the deepest darkest high country places. This allows us to hunt a great concentration of elk in a moderate high desert terrain and is why we see such excellent success on this elk hunt.

Ranching for Wildlife Mule Deer Hunts

Mule deer hunting in Colorado unit 3 and 301 has been a favorite of Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd. clients since 1995. The moderate, high desert terrain can offer excellent success to hunters of all types of physical abilities. The high concentration of deer in this area is what has always led to our great success rates on mule deer bucks. Our Ranching for Wildlife property takes this to the next level by offering some amazingly unique seasons, all of which are open to any legal weapon. One unique mule deer hunting season is our early season “Velvet Mule Deer Rifle Hunt.” Mule deer in our area will typically come out of velvet in the 2nd or 3rd weeks of September. Our RFW status allows us to hunt these deer with a rifle, muzzle loader, or bow in the first week of September. Another exciting mule deer hunting option occurs during the peak of the rut, roughly around the 3rd to 4th week of November in our area.  

Ranching for Wildlife Antelope Hunts

Moffat County Colorado and unit 3/301 is well known for its concentration and quality of antelope. The desire to hunt antelope in this sought after unit is indicated by the preference point requirements to draw in this unit. Colorado unit 3 and 301 has one of the highest preference point requirements in the state. But, don’t worry if you don’t have the points to draw into this unit.  We have tags in hand for all of our Ranching for Wildlife hunts so there is no need to worry about the draw.  Again, the great concentration of antelope is why we have such great success on this hunt. 

Guided Ranching for Wildlife Hunts

Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd. will be offering a very limited number of guided hunts. Our courteous and knowledgable guides will pick you up in the morning and take you out on your hunt each day. There will be one guide for 2-3 hunters. Food and lodging is not included in the price of this hunt. Our goal is to provide each client with a fun and enjoyable hunting experience. Our guides do not focus on trophy hunting and instead will help you find a decent mature animal.  

Non-Guided Ranching for Wildlife Hunts

Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd. has specialized in offering non-guided, private land hunts since 1995.  Our non-guided hunts have drawn much attention over the years and makes Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd. what it is today. As always, our goal is to offer the best properties we can at a reasonable price, and the non-guided format allows us to do so.  Many of our non-guided clients find that it is a more rewarding experience to do it themselves. These non-guided Ranching for Wildlife hunts are offered in the same basic format as our standard, non-guided private land hunts.  We will meet you prior to your hunt to have a safety meeting and take a tour of the ranch while discussing the property boundaries, animal patterns, and hunting strategies. Detailed topographical maps are provided to get you started on your hunt.

Ranching for Wildlife Hunts in ColoradoRanching for Wildlife Hunts in Co

Reasonable Expectations

This statement is a direct quote from the Colorado Division of Wildlife website and pertains directly to Ranching for Wildlife hunts: “Hunters should expect a challenging hunt. These are not ‘canned hunts.’”  We couldn't agree more. While these hunts can offer amazing opportunities, some hunters may still go home empty-handed..  Due to the highly regarded status of RFW properties, people often ask “is this a trophy hunt?” The short answer remains “no.” At Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd., nobody is going to use a tape measure to judge your trophy.  We believe the success of a hunt is based on the experiences you have while hunting, whether that animal  makes it on your wall or lives to see another day. Keep in mind that these Ranching for Wildlife hunts are very limited in number and make up a very small portion of what Rocky Mountain Ranches has to offer. Our standard, non-guided, private land hunts have provided excellent success since 1995 and are offered at a lower price point.