Colorado Hunting Rates

How do I find out what hunt is right for me?

The simple answer is call and ask us.  Or, send us an email, but include some details about what you are looking for.  Some factors in choosing a ranch may include your group size, species you are looking to hunt, your physical ability level and the terrain you desire to hunt.  We have a lot of ranches to choose from, so we can really work with you to determine a good fit.


What group size does RMR accommodate?  Do you allow single hunters?

We can accommodate groups as large as 10 hunters or as small as a single hunter.  Although, we do have a few large and rugged ranches that we require a minimum group of two for safety reasons.  


Will our group have the ranch to ourselves?

There is an established limit of hunters for each ranch and for a given season.  This is based on the ranch size, terrain and animal population.  Your group may fill a ranch; in which case you would have it to yourselves.  You may have a small group that chooses to hunt a big ranch.  In this case, you would share the ranch with another group or groups.  This will be clearly established prior to booking your hunt.


How big are your ranches?

Our ranches range in size from 1200 acres to 5000 acres.  


What type of terrain should I expect on your ranches?

We have a wide variety of terrain to choose from.  First, you will need to choose a species to focus on.  This will play a large role in the type of terrain you should expect.  For example, the high desert terrain might be your best option for deer or antelope, as this terrain tends to hold large concentrations of these species.  High desert terrain is typically very open terrain but also includes draws, bluffs, shallow canyons, Juniper and Piñon trees, and lots of rolling sage.   

Elk hunting is typically conducted on varying types of terrain.  Some ranches are much more moderate than others.  Moderate elk ranches may include sage, grass fields, oak brush, aspen glades and open meadows.  There are also some more rugged, big mountain types of ranches that may include oak brush, aspen glades, open meadows and lots of dark timber.  Some of these bigger mountain hunts offer steep mountain fingers, hanging ponds and remote areas of dark timber.  Please contact us to discuss what terrain is right for you.  


Where do I stay during my hunt?

There are 3 basic options for lodging.

1.  You can camp on our ranches with your own gear.  You are welcome to bring tents, campers, trailers and ATVs.  There are no hookups or utilities on the ranches, so be prepared with what you need.  There is no additional fee for camping on the ranch.  

2.  You can stay in a nearby hotel or motel.  Many, but not all, of our ranches are located within a 10 minute drive of a nearby town.  

3.  We can set you up in one of our trailer camps.  


What is included in your trailer camps?

Our trailer camps are camper trailers that are stocked with camping and cooking gear.  They do not include food, bedroll, personal gear or weapons.  There is an indoor stove and oven in each trailer as well as an outdoor cooking setup.  These campers will be supplied full of water with some additional jugs of water as well.  There are no hookups on the ranches, so power is limited to two deep cell batteries.  This will provide plenty of power to heat the trailers, but not enough for indoor showers.  Some hunters like to bring hanging solar showers; please note that these are not provided with the camp.  There will be an outdoor toilet set up prior to your arrival.  Please understand that hunters are responsible for maintaining a suitable temperature in the trailers in order to keep the plumbing from freezing.  


What is required to book my hunt?

We require a 50% deposit to firmly book your hunt.  Once this is received, we will send you a paperwork packet including contracts, liability waivers and rules of the ranch agreements.  The balance on the hunt is due Aug. 1st of the year you are hunting.  


Is my deposit refundable if I can't make my hunt?

No.  Your deposit holds your place on the ranch.  Others looking to book this hunt will be turned away since you have firmly booked your hunt.  We do offer some options if you cannot make it to your hunt.  If tags allow, we can transfer your deposit to another hunter if you find a hunter to replace you.   There is a $100 fee for this transfer.  Or, we can hold your deposit for a future season.  


How early do I need to book my hunt?

Well, that really depends on a few things.  Each hunt will be available until a hunter or group places a deposit on it.  It is best to book your hunt as early as possible, especially if you have a certain date or certain ranch in mind.  There is no way to predict when a certain hunt will book full, but we do book full each year.  Most of our hunts are booked by our repeat clients, as they have the first option to re-book the following year.  We do have a few cancellations each year, so check back with us as a hunt may become available close to the season.